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Our design process leads to a facility that enhances the mission, and guides clients through a process where stakeholders are heard, and the responsible use of all resources is demonstrated.

University of Pittsburgh

Mervis Hall

Pittsburgh, PA


As part of our long-standing relationship with the University of Pittsburgh, Moshier Studio was asked to provide design services for the Katz Graduate School of Business, located in Mervis Hall. The existing Dean’s suite and administrative offices had no flexibility to accommodate growth, and lacked a true entrance or reception area. In response, Moshier Studio reorganized both spaces, providing a more organized use of the existing office space, and new finishes to give a clean, modern aesthetic. The new plan allows flexibility to add future academic programs by emphasizing the use of demountable partitions and workstations over closed office spaces. Additionally, the creation of a new colloquium room overlooking the entrance pavilion of the building is used for both internal and external meetings and presentations.

HRDC Cumberland Community Center

Cumberland, MD


The HRDC Cumberland Community Center consolidates all of the once disparate Human Resources Development Commission agency office, and family and senior services into one accessible location.The first floor is occupied by a Senior Center, and provides a multipurpose room used for dining, a commercial kitchen, computer training lab, fitness room, meeting room, activity center and offices. The second floor houses a variety of human service program offices. Skylights bring natural light into the work station area, and the employee lunch room overlooks a landscaped terrace.As the first LEED® Registered project in the panhandle of western Maryland, the building services as a model for green building development in the region. LEED® Gold.

North Side Christian Health Center

Pittsburgh, PA

North Side Christian Health Center provides primary health care services to underserved and uninsured residents of the north side community of Pittsburgh. Moshier Studio completed renovations to their facilities to address their rapidly expanding demand for services. On the exterior, sunshades were added to contend with the south-facing glass of the waiting and conference rooms, which until now had become uncomfortable at best as a result of glare and solar heat gain. On the interior, an improved circulation in the lobby makes it easier for visitors to navigate the space, while the upper floors have been rearranged to make better use of the existing space and accomodate incoming programs to continue supporting the community's needs in the future.


Green Tree, PA


Merkle Impaqt is a search-engine optimization firm which experienced rapid growth in an evolving industry. In relocating to the Foster Plaza Building 10 in Greentree, PA, Merkle Impaqt wanted to preserve the best characteristics of a startup- energy, enthusiasm and access- that led to their success. Impaqt’s new offices occupy the entire top floor of the building, and have been designed with the principle of “long-life, loose-fit”. By not basing the design tightly on present business practices, the organization can change with minimal physical modifications.

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